NHMRC – Attachment B

Update on NHMRC initiatives The update below relates to the work of the NHMRC’s Australian Health Ethics Committee (AHEC). AHEC is a principal committee of the NHMRC and is established to develop human research guidelines and promote discussion on ethical issues relating to human health. Relevant guidelines include: National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human …

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ISCBI Report to ISCF, 2011

1. Introduction This report covers the period from the last ISCBI project report submitted  April 2010. In the intervening period the ISCBI met formally twice with ongoing tele-conference calls and email groups to sustain the work of the working groups established in 2009 in Beijing. 2. Outputs and Impact  2.1 Guidance on Banking Research Grade …

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Guide to using the new ISCF website

The new ISCF website contains all of the content from the old website, e.g. details of ISCF Members, information on stem cell research and Forum initiatives, a registry of stem cell lines, etc, but with the additional facility for members to publish their own material or add comments.