Chinese Academy of Sciences

Updated October 2013

Chinese Academy of Sciences LogoBackground Information on the Organisation

  • Mission Statement

To conduct research in basic and technological sciences; to undertake nationwide integrated surveys on natural resources and ecological environment; to provide the country with scientific data and advice for governmental decision-making, and to undertake government-assigned projects with regard to key S&T problems in the process of social and economic development; to initiate personnel training; and to promote China’s high-tech enterprises by its active involvement in these areas.

  • Organisational status

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a leading academic institution and a comprehensive research and development center for natural science, technological science and high-tech innovation in China.

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Annual Research Budget

US$ 1.6 billion

Stem Cell Budget

$166 million/5 years (the budgeting is normally operating on a 5-year cycle)

Stem Cell Strategy

The stem cell strategy of CAS is to establish stem cell banks, which include ES, NTES, iPS cells and adult stem cells from mice, rats, human, non-human primates and other species (normal and disease, experimental and clinical grade), as well as preclinical/clinical trials with primate models.

Key Stem Cell Centres/Investment

Recent Research Achievements and Outputs

National Stem Cell Network or Contact Point

Other Major Funders of Stem Cell Research in China


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