Stem Cell Registry

The International Stem Cell characterisation Initiative was formed to systematically study human embryonix stem cells (hES) in an effort to establish an international set of standards for characterisation. The study was carried out by 18 laboratories in ten member countries. There results are published in this registry.

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You can access the aggregated LDA and FACS data of all characterisation studies and reference documents on our download raw data page.

Application to submit data to the registry

As part of the ongoing activities of the International Stem Cell Initiative a registry is being created to gather together information on bone fide human embryonic stem cell lines from around the world.

In order for a cell line to be entered onto the registry several criteria will have to be met. These are:

  • Informed consent was obtained from the donors of the embryos used in the derivation.
  • The cells line has been passaged for at least 10 passages and frozen stocks are in existence.
  • A standardized set of characterisation data has been obtained for each cell line.

Registry characterisation data will include:

  • Real-time PCR for a panel of markers
  • Flow Cytometric analysis for a panel of antigens
  • Karyotype
  • Identity profile using a standard international DNA profiel markers

Please see the ‘Registry submission’ document below for further details.