6th ISCI Workshop

The Moorside Granfe, Higher Disley nr Manchester, UK. 14th September-17th September 2010

On day one of the workshop a final summary and discussion of the data obtained from ISCI2 was held. After the discussion of the ISCI2 data the meeting tackled the issue of how to turn the idea behind ISCI3, defining robust differentiation protocols, into some workable suggestions. Participants broke up into several discussion groups. The discussion groups were as follows: Nomenclature, Starting Point, Ectoderm, Mesoderm, Endoderm, Extra-embryonic lineage, the germ line and teratomas. Each group was led by two group leaders and was tasked with identifying strategies and potential pitfalls in designing and testing robust protocols for differentiating human pluripotent stem cells. After a period of discussion each group presented their findings to all the other groups. The presentation and discussion that followed was used by the Steering Committee of ISCI to help formulate a detailed plan which will form the basis of the ISCI3 wet experiments. 

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