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ISCBI Workshop on the Delivery of high Quality Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) Resources, February 2012

The ISCBI has collaborated to produce consensus publications on stem cell banking which have been contributed to by scientists and regulators from 24 countries. A list of publications to date are given below;

  • Andrews, P.W., Arias-Diaz, J., Auerbach, J., Alvarez, M., Ahrlund-Richter, L., Baker, D.,
  • Benvenisty, N., Ben-Josef, D., Blin, G., Borghese, L., Borstlap, J., Bruce, K., Brüstle, O., Buckle, R., Camby, C., Choo, A.B., Chen, W., Collins, D., Colman, A., Crombie, C., Crook, J.M., Cypess, R., De Sousa, P., Dhawan, J., Douay, L., Dvorak, P., Dyke, T., Eriksson, L., Firpo, M., Fitzgerald, C., Glover, C., Gokhale, P., Greene, M., Ha, H-Y., Hampl, A., Healy, L., Hei, D., Holm, F., Hovatta, O., Hunt, C., Hwang, S-M., Inamdar, M., Isasi, R., Itskovitz-Eldor, J., Jessie, N., Kim, D-W, Kirzner, R., Kiatpongsan, S., Knowles, B.B., Kuo, H-C., Laughlin, M., Lavon, N., Ludwig, T., Lakov, M., Lee, D-R., Macauley, J., McKay, R., Menasche, P., Menendez, P-M., Michalska, A., Mileikovskaia, M., Minger, S., Mishra, G., Moody, J., Montgomery, K., Morris, C., Mummery, C., Nagy, A., Nakamura, Y., Nakatsuji, N., Nishikawa, S-I, Oh, S., Oh, S-K, Olson, P., Otonkoski, T., M., Patole, M., Park, H-S., Pei, X., Pera, M., Rajala, K., Reubinoff, B., Robins, A., Rooke, H., Rumayor, V., Scotmann, H., Sherlock, J., Simon, C., Sipp, D., Skinner, R., Smith, D., Stacey, G.N., Stefanovic, S., Strehl, R., Taft, R, Takahashi, T., Talib, S., Terstegge, S., Turner, R., Tuuri, T., Yu, J., Zandstra, P., Zapata, A., Zeng, F., Zhou Q.,, Tannenbaum, S. (2009). Consensus guidance for banking and supply of human embryonic stem cell lines for research purposes. Stem Cell Reviews and Reports 5, pp301-314.
  • Crook, J.M., Hei, D. and Stacey, G.N. (2010) The International Stem Cell banking Initiative: Raising standards to bank on. In Vitro Cell.Dev.Biol.—Animal, 46; 169-172.
  • Stacey, G, Crook, JR, Hei, D, Ludwig, T, (2013) Banking iPSC lines: Lessons learnt from ES cells? Cell Stem Cell, 13: 385-388.
  • Andrews PW, Baker D, Benvinisty N, Miranda B, Bruce K, Brüstle O, Choi M, Choi YM, Crook JM, De Sousa PA, Dvorak P, Freund C, Firpo M, Furue MK, Gokhale P, Ha HY, Han E, Haupt S, Healy L, Hei DJ, Hovatta O, Hunt C, Hwang SM, Inamdar MS, Isasi RM, Jaconi M, Jekerle V, Kamthorn P, Kibbey MC, Knezevic I, Knowles BB, Koo SK, Laabi Y, Leopoldo L, Liu P, Lomax GP, Loring JF, Ludwig TE, Montgomery K, Mummery C, Nagy A, Nakamura Y, Nakatsuji N, Oh S, Oh SK, Otonkoski T, Pera M, Peschanski M, Pranke P, Rajala KM, Rao M, Ruttachuk R, Reubinoff B, Ricco L, Rooke H, Sipp D, Stacey GN, Suemori H, Takahashi TA, Takada K, Talib S, Tannenbaum S, Yuan BZ, Zeng F, Zhou Q.  (2015) Points to consider in the development of seed stocks of pluripotent stem cells for clinical applications. Regenerative Medicine. 10 (02s) doi: 10.2217/RME.14.93

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