ISCBI Support for Training in Banking of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines

It had been one of the original aims of the ISCBI project to support training activities in stem cell banking. The ISCBI is willing to provide endorsement and practical support for such courses and applications for such support can be submitted to the ISCBI steering group who would evaluate each applications against the following criteria:

  • The proposal was accepted by a majority of the ISCBI steering group,
  • The course would present ISCBI principles as a part of best practice
  • ISCBI membership would be involved and give feedback.

Endorsed training can include ISCBI a statement of ISCBI steering group endorsement. ISCBI membership are willing to engage in training activities by providing presentations in person or by skype. Whilst ISCBI does not have funds to directly sponsor such events the ISCBI steering group is willing to assist in applying for financial support. Those wishing to discuss such support should in the first instance contact the ISCBI coordinator via or or other ISCBI steering group members, providing details of the course aims, programme, dates and teaching staff and a description of how ISCBI guidance and or input from ISCBI members would be incorporated. Applications will be considered at ISCBI steering group conference calls and/or by email circulation.

V1 GS, 23 December 2014

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